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  1. I had seen about the closure of weston a&e but naively didn’t think about the impact this would have until last night . My husband was suffering from chest pains and long story short we ended up at Musgrove . In my haste to leave the house I forgot to take my purse with me . At 4.15am we were allowed to come home and luckily I had a debit card in my bag as the taxi company needed the money up front . This cost £43! Had I not had a card we would have been stranded ! We didnt home until 6am as had to wait the 40 minutes for the taxi to get to us and then had a 40 minute drive home .Chatting to the receptionist she said older people don’t have that kind of money so will sit for hours in the waiting room until they are able to get a bus back when the morning timetable begins . How is this right ? The ambulance man also was saying that Bristol hospitals are so busy at night with the extra people having to travel there from weston there are people being treated in corridors and the handover of patients takes longer thus keeping the ambulances from doing their jobs back out on the road and people are waiting until morning to even report their illnesss so they don’t get sent afar . It’s simply not right for a town the size of weston .


  2. Having received excellent care from A & E 18 months ago and been subsequently admitted I dread to think what would have happened if they were not there. No service at night is bad enough but to have no service at all is unthinkable. The council has approved the building of several new housing estates so the town’s population is going to expand considerably and such a service will be essential.


    1. Thanks, Margaret. It really is very scary as under their 2 stage plan we’ll end up with no more than an Urgent Treatment Centre. They are, at the moment, GP led and as you probably know they are having major problems recruiting enough GPs to manage our local health centres let alone this kind of place.


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